About: The Blog

This blog was created in August 2013 after two consecutive days of riding in which my rides went very differently both times. The first day my ride was outstanding – one of the best rides I’ve ever had on the Canadian mare, named Katie, who I was leasing at the time. During this first ride we were very connected to one another and Katie was incredibly light and responsive. The second ride, the next day, was a disaster.  Katie was heavy and unresponsive, and as a result I became heavier and heavier on her mouth. I ended the ride with an awful feeling of disconnect that made me wonder just what could have happened in less than 24 hours time.

This blog was born out of that confusion. It’s a place where I can break down each of my rides in order to figure out went right and wrong, in order to improve for future rides. This blog also acts as a place where I can chart my accomplishments and remember all of the rides I’ve had on different horses in various places. If you are an amateur English rider, you might enjoy following along on my journey!


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