A horse of my own?

Alright, so it appears I’m long overdue for an update yet again. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately…

One giant decision that has been looming over my head concerns the new boy I’ve been riding – who might soon be under my guardianship. This is a huuuuge deal for me. Since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed of the day when I could have a horse to call my own. And that day might be drawing quite close. In fact, I’m planning on getting him vet checked in the next week or two!

However, I think I ought to take a step back and fill the gap between my last post and how I ended up at this point.

So I stopped co-boarding Gordon because of the terrible facilities that were impacting my ability to learn and grow. I decided to spend some time riding my friend Rachel’s horse Dodge. I had visited her recently and had a short ride on him and fell in love!

Dodge is a TB with decidedly warmblood movements. He’s 12 years old and spent most of his career as an eventer. And in the month I’ve been co-boarding him, I’ve fallen head over heels.

So far, I’ve fallen most in love with him in saddle. On the ground, Dodge can be a bit headstrong and cranky. But because we have such phenomenal rides together, we’ve really been bonding quickly and forming more of an on the ground connection too.


So why do I feel like Dodge could be THE ONE?

One of the top reasons why this horse feels right for me is because I trust him 100%. As anyone following my adventures will know, I suffer from Nervous Nancy syndrome (not just in the saddle, either!). It takes a looonnggg time for me to trust a horse. Often my fear and anxiety prevents me from really enjoying my rides. So having a horse that I trust almost right away is very rare and is a huge deal! I even jumped a small course on him the other day and really enjoyed myself. A partnership like this could mean A LOT of progress and enjoyment for both of us!


I’m also going to be getting a great deal on him because he’s being sold to me by a good friend. Although, my friend and I have been butting heads a bit lately for a few reasons. So I’m hoping that our friendship can at least remain stable through the sale process! (Perhaps a post on this issue will be forthcoming).

The only problem with this new development is the timing. I’m beginning my first, real grown-up job in January. This job is a high-pressure role – I’m in charge of the visual identity of a large organization. I’m also finishing the last leg of my Master’s, so I’ll have to take one course per semester over the next year, while finishing my degree All that combined with raising a puppy, dealing with some boyfriend issues, and keeping my house semi-sanitary, means that I will be a verrrrryyy stressed girl for four months. (The summer won’t be so bad because I’m doing a laid-back directed reading and dealing with course material that I’ve already tackled in a class I audited last summer)

Ultimately though I think it’s worth having a few months of burn out and hair pulling in order to end up with a horse that’s a great fit for me in the long term. Dodge is currently boarded at a co-op barn, but I figure it might be a good idea for my sanity to keep him at a full service barn for at least these four stressful months. Then if I can’t make it out some days, he’ll at least be properly looked after. That, or I’ll need to find a co-boarder willing to help out in exchange for their rides (rather than a monetary thing).

What are your thoughts, dear readers? I think it’s worth taking the leap of faith and going for this horse that’s near perfect for me, even if the timing is less than 100% ideal. Let me know your thoughts though! This is my first stab at horse ownership, so any input from a more experienced horse person would be invaluable 🙂



6 thoughts on “A horse of my own?

  1. My thoughts? Well, of course I have to say go for it! I finally lept into ownership Jan 1st this year. And while things definitely haven’t been all rosy, I have never regretted it. I was surprised at the Luke warm enthusiasm from some people. Perhaps their own experiences overshadowing. I really don’t know.
    Yes,many things can go wrong. But unless there is serious injury to either horse or rider, why not try? ! We either wait, and do nothing, or act, perhaps risking failure but it’s all a learning experience, no??? Anyway – I wish you the best in this! And don’t splurge; always decide what the budget is first 🙂

  2. As Nike says, “Just do it!” If it’s something you love, why not? Before I bought my 3rd horse, which was my heart horse (had him 16 years until he died of colic–at age 23), I spoke to a woman at my first job out of college. Told her I had been riding a beautiful horse that my friend was going to sell. We had shown successfully on a fluke when my leased horse got injured and I got to use him for the remainder of the show weekend. The horse’s owner wasn’t going to show the whole weekend (in truth–he was not a good horse for her for a number of reasons), so I rode him. Anyway, the woman (not a horse person) said, “I just lost one of my good friends to breast cancer and she was only 40.” I think you should buy the horse and don’t worry about the $$$. Life is short and you should do what you love. If you go for it and it’s too much stress and not fun anymore, it’s a horse, not a child. You can sell it. I just bought a new horse 2 months ago. I kept telling myself, “If it doesn’t work out, he’s pretty and talented and someone else would love him.” Well, he’s awesome and I have no intentions of ever selling him (especially since we had a helicopter fly over our arena and he did not even spook!). I hope I have him more than 16 years.

  3. Thank you for your follow! 😀 I definitely recommend getting a horse of your especially when you feel a bond with him already! It is just such a wonderful experience, they can teach you so much! Of course you should be aware of the costs and time you will have to invest in him but I think you from the way you write about him ,you won’t regret it!
    I hope you will be able to keep him and have a wonderful time with him!

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