Provincial Championships

I have so much to fill you all in on! It’s been a really hectic fall at work and I’ve barely had time to stay on top of my life, let alone record it. However, I miss blogging and writing and am committed to start relaying things better.

So here we go! To start, it’s essential that I fell you in on the highlight of my competitive riding career to date: attending the 2014 Ontario provincial championships in September.

The day of championships dawned ominous and stormy. On the way to the show grounds we heard and saw lightning. We were nervous the entire day was going to get called off for safety reasons. Luckily, the lightning stopped just in time for the day not to get scrapped.

Our warm-up started in the pouring rain, although we were lucky that it stopped in time for our first class – which was our best of the season! It was training level test 3, and it was the only time that we’d done that test at a show. We scored a 66.2% and tied for third among judges, coaches, etc. (I was accidentally registered in the open division – oops!)

Our second class was a lot less hot. We came in seventh and only scored a 59%. The ring was right next to where Gordon’s friends Merv and Maggie were stabled and he spent the entire test calling. On top of his lack of focus, I clearly wasn’t focussed either, as I started doing the wrong test! The judges didn’t even notice I was off-course, oddly enough. I had to stop to tell them!

Anyway, this second test meant that we were definitely knocked off the radar and didn’t stand a chance of winning any division titles for the year. However, my top score combined with my teammates’ top scores (my coach and her ten-year old daughter) meant that our team placed second in the province!

All in all, it was a pretty great first experience at champs, although I look forward to performing better in upcoming years. I really can’t complain though given how much we improved over the span of the season – all while schooling in just a grass ring! In our first test we performed even better than we had done in our schooling sessions. Quite an accomplishment in my books!






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