One step forward, and two back…

Yesterday was such a frustrating ride for me. First of all, Gordon wouldn’t come in at all (which isn’t unusual). He’s sees me and runs the other way – and his paddock is huge. I had to bring in the four other horses he shares a paddock with before I could grab him. Horrible. In a moment of anger, I texted his owner and told her that we really need to work on his paddock manners, or else I’d need to find a different horse to ride. I’m just so sick of spending so much time running around after him.

The lesson was also horrible. Gordon is incredibly herd-bound, as you might have been able to surmise based on my rant above. He has a super difficult time focussing when his friends aren’t working too. Usually I avoid this by scheduling ride dates with friends, but today he was alone and he was acting like a total A-hole.

To be fair, I should mention that I haven’t ridden him much in the past week because I was home in Ottawa (where I got to ride my first cross-country course on Q – check out the photo below!). But in any case he was being a big jerk. He was leaning against my leg pressure, popping out his shoulders, not travelling in a straight line, bucking and even a mini rear during one conversation. He also tried to run me back to the barn. Just a nightmare.


To combat this, his owner got on about an hour after my lesson and gave him a talking-to. I felt like a failure for not being able to sort his issues out on my own.

I hopped on after for some very light work, but he still wasn’t being super precise. The day did turn around a bit though when I was able to ride my friend’s horse Dodge (see photo below).

Dodge is an OTTB, and has converted me to actually liking thoroughbreds. His movement feels so warmblood-esque and he is just such fun horse to ride. Really loved spending time with him and hope to ride him again soon.

In the meantime, I have another lesson tomorrow and a show next week – more updates to come soon! Wish me luck…



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