Working through our issues

Last night’s ride was seriously depressing.

Gordon had way too much energy from being cooped up for several days (the fencing is still being finished at the new place), and he was really lonely without his friends. To top it off, it was pouring rain and the outdoor was muddy as can be (no more indoor available *grumble*).

I went to get out and Gordon skittered away from my weight. My feet slipped out of my stirrups and he tried to rear up and race me back to his friends in the barn. Managed to pull a quick emergency dismount.

Not our best ride. And I have a show in one week’s time. I was panicked. 

On the bright side, I got had a great frustration run afterwards. Ran my fastest 5k of the year so far. That upped my spirits a lot.

And then I got home to see some lovely proofs from our last show – motivation to keep working hard! I’ll put these up in a separate post.

So, tonight, despite my nerves, I decided to put yesterday behind me and give things another go. As often surprises me, today’s ride was as different as night from day. It helped that we were riding with Raven and Maggie, and Raquel and Willis, so Gordon was more relaxed. But then his friends went in and we kept schooling for a little without them – success!

It wasn’t a beautiful ride by any means, but it was actual schooling. It made me feel more comfortable in our new surroundings, and made me feel confident that we will be able to survive, and train, and go on to compete next weekend.

As so often is the case, persevering, relaxing, and training with friends can all make a huge impact on the success of my riding time.

Hopefully my lesson tomorrow is even better! Going to work on our tests.


A much more relaxed ride than the last two tries at the new barn


A different night, last week. Reminds me of how much my friends improve my hours in the saddle!

Wish me luck, and happy riding this long weekend!


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